DIY Solar In Houston

I lead a monthly workshop in Houston.

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Class handout

Location: TxRxLabs - 205 Roberts. Last Friday.


One of the subjects discussed is known as Shared Solar or Solar gardens.

Shred Solar


It is the idea that not everyone can place arrays on their roof or yard, because the solar exposure is not there. So a group of solar advocates find a location and invest in a % of the remote array. AND get paid for whatever the harvest - solar wise. Just like having it in their back yard. Good Idea? Yes! But currently it does not exist in Houston, or Texas for that matter. We need to change that through the political process. It is not right that I can get credit for energy harvested if the array is in my back ward, but not if the array is owned by me but in another space.

To see electrical provider plans in your area click Power to Choose.