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Why Tracking?

How is it controlled?

Control Package

Mechanical Design - 2 Axis

Emergency Power Trailer

Array Movement Comparison

Wind Loading



Solar Farm

Lithium Battery Storage

CAD Models/Plans 

 Misc Projects

 Solar Workshops

 Solar Container 



"The goal is to have tracking solar as common as billboards."

This site is about the design and construction of tracking, photovoltaic (PV) mounts. The control algorithm is to move, rain or shine, and to continue throughout the day, parking at night.

Pole tracker 4k Watt Tilt/Tip Tracker

2 Axis Tracker 3k Watt Tilt/Tip Tracker

1320Watt 5kW 2 axis Tracker. Azimuth/Elevation

InclinedAxis1200Watt Single Axis Tracker - Plans



Mobile Power Unit Solar Trailer- Mostly Pb Batteries 

 Solar Container-1 axis Tracking